Week 23 — Using Consistency Bias In Entrepreneurship

What is consistency?

The Power Of A $10 Wager

Chinese Brainwashing Technique

korean war POWs

Consistent “Exploitation” By The Toy Industry

Applications in Entrepreneurship & Life

  1. foot-in-the-door: it’s much easier to get a prospect to make a purchase once
  2. Fake surveys: When service providers come up to you on the pretense of doing a survey to get you to say things about yourself and end up selling you something you don’t need but you feel forced to buy because of your need to feel ‘consistent’ to what you said during your survey.
  3. Sneaky car salesmen tactics: Telling you that their prices are 10% lower than competitor prices, only to tell you that there was a calculation error and that you need to top-up another $400 after the handshake deal has been made.



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